Hello Investor,


For most of us, End of Financial Year is the time for finalizing our books of personal and business accounts. What do we normally target while closing accounts for the Financial Year?

“How to save tax?”

Government gives enough deduction / exemption / rebate to reduce the tax burden by various means. We have covered all major deductions for individual in our February Newsletter on 4th page. It is our duty to remind that we do not forget following things before FY ending.

  • LTCG Exemptions – Make sure that you don’t have to pay Long Term Capital Gain tax from Equity investment until ` 1 Lakh of capital gain.
  • 80C Exemptions – Don’t forget to avail the deduction of ` 1.5 lakh by investing under section 80C.
  • Indexation Eligibility – Any withdrawal from Debt Investment should be indexed as per Indexation value.
  • FY 2020-21 Planning – You must start Taxation Planning from beginning of the year.

A Baya Weaver Bird prepares everything in early. It builds the nest before monsoon arrives. Similarly, a smart investor doesn’t wait till end of the Financial Year.